Concurrent Device licensing: A valuable asset or an asset past its time?

With respect to Oracle software licensing, Concurrent Device licensing is generally defined as the maximum number of input devices accessing a program at a given point in time. If multiplexing hardware or software is used, this number must be measured at the multiplexing front-end.

What does this mean for customers licensed in a Concurrent Device model?

With the Concurrent Device metric, Oracle counts the source and use of data. Automated batching of imported as well as exported data would increase the Concurrent Device usage. Miro estimates that 8 out of 10 times enterprises using Concurrent Device licensing are found to be operating beyond the limits of their license inventory.

So how do you determine if your enterprise is operating within the limits -or beyond? Read your existing Oracle software license agreement, and couple that with an honest appraisal of your use of batching.

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