Microsoft Ups Price on Windows Server 2012 R2… by 28%!!!

Ouch…Microsoft has quietly released new pricing for Windows Server 2012 R2. The price has jumped a significant 28% for the Datacenter version. Some other interesting changes to note:

  • Price jumping from $4,809 per 2-processor pack license to $6,155 (Open Agreement pricing).
  • Licenses currently covered by Software Assurance incur no upgrade fee.
  • Version 2012 Client Access Licenses (“CAL”) will be valid for Version 2012 R2.
  • Microsoft introduces a new Enterprise Agreement (“EA”) enrollment called the “Server & Cloud Enrollment” or “SCE” – essentially, an enrollment of enrollments: the Enrollment for Core Infrastructure (“ECI”), the Enrollment for Application Platform (“EAP”), the Developer Platform, and Windows Azure (i.e., Microsoft’s cloud services). The SCE includes a 5% discount on Software Assurance renewals. The new license model debuts in 4Q2013.

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