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Want to see why and how CiOs and CFOs should work together?  I was invited to contribute my thoughts on that particular issue for popular newsletter IT Finance Connection.  I was inspired by the outlets focus on the IT-Finance connection.  When dealing with software licensing issues and software asset management, we’ve had to go up to bat with CFOs more often than not.  CFOs often will not understand the process that goes along with purchasing enterprise software, and often are only concerned with what the cost will be to the organization. 

My attempt at pulling together the why’s and wherefores in an article entitled, CFOs and CIOs Should Work Together on Licensing, talks about the importance of the CIO to have a seat at the table. How do you get the C-Suite’s attention? Talk numbers, how will maintenance costs grow, what software licensing costs will be – and let them know that if not done right from the get-go, it could eat away even the most carefully planned IT budget for the entire year if audited by a vendor.

The importance of careful planning and proper software asset management for any type of business will result in cost savings – make your CFO understand how they can be part of the process and make it happen.

You can view the article here.

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