Worries over Oracle earnings performance makes for better Oracle licensing deals?

So, Miro is in the Washington Post (again)!  Our very own Eliot Colon was a resource and heavily quoted within the article.  Below are some excerpts. 

Eliot Arlo Colon, president and chief operating officer of Miro Consulting, an Oracle license consulting firm in Fords, New Jersey……

“It’s becoming more public that Oracle only has so much bandwidth to process larger deals at the end of the year. The message coming from Oracle field reps now is, ‘Don’t wait until the end of May, because I won’t be able to get you the aggressive discounts.'”

“Once one big deal closes, a sales team may have hit their number and [other customers] get kicked to the second tier,” he added. It might be wiser, he said, to “be the first in line, have a good story and play to the weakness of Oracle, which is that they have so many people waiting until the end of the year.”

“Oracle’s buying spree has changed the landscape, but from a different perspective. His firm is now seeing clients order nothing for several months, but then buying up a slew of products at once.

“I’ve never seen that take off as much as it has in the last six months,” Colon said. “The positioning from Oracle from all these acquisitions is, ‘Now is the time to bundle and get all these things together.'”

To read the entire article, go to Washington Post.

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