IBM Licensing Metric Tool (ILMT)

IBM Licensing Metric Tool (ILMT)

Clarifying the Misconceptions & Anxieties

To help organizations manage costs within the rapidly evolving IT environment – particularly virtualization, cloud-based options and mobile devices – IBM launched its sub-capacity licensing option back in 2005. As sub-capacity licensing grew in popularity in recent years as a means of optimizing software deployment and controlling software costs, they introduced the IBM Licensing Metric Tool (ILMT) to help IBM Passport Advantage® users achieve and maintain compliance with both their full and sub-capacity processor value unit (PVU) licensing requirements. ILMT is, in effect, an IBM-specific software asset management (SAM) tool.

Available free of charge to Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express customers, ILMT has generated a certain degree of confusion, misunderstanding and in some cases anxiety among IBM software users. This white paper addresses the pros and cons of ILMT and clarifies some of the remaining misconceptions and worries surrounding this tool, starting with a brief explanation of ILMT and the sub-capacity licensing model that inspired its creation.


Topics covered:

  • The Downside of Not Deploying ILMT
  • IBM Audit Impacts
  • ILMT Advantages
  • ILMT Challenges and Misconceptions
  • Exceptions for ILMT

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