Support Renewal Management

Miro offers a broad range of customized Oracle annual support renewal solutions that fits an organization’s specific needs.

Why is Miro’s Support Renewal Management program needed?

Oracle has a complicated process to renew support that includes:

  • Online validation/verification
  • Complex two or three price tiers
  • Limited or unclear reduce support cost options

Miro’s SRM (Support Renewal Management) Program will:

  • Simplify the process
  • Customize the renewal procedures
  • Reduce the annual renewal cost
  • Eliminate the time-consuming, frustrating burden

Oracle Support Renewal Management Program

  • Coordination of support renewal delivery with Oracle support sales department to ensure timely review, validation and reconciliation
  • Payment of support renewals to Oracle to avoid license termination due to lapse of support or accidental oversight
  • Confirmation of support renewal processing
  • Customized invoicing of support renewals on a departmental, divisional, project, product, application or CSI basis
  • Annual reconciliation of software license inventory against support renewal inventory
  • Projected reduced annual support cost over 3 year management timeframe
  • Customized quoting and invoicing.  Miro manages all of the back end logistics

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