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Enterprise Apps Today

Enterprise Apps Today – November 2015

IBM ILMT: It’s All about the Money


Enterprise Apps Today – October 2014

Get Ready for (Another) Microsoft Audit


Enterprise Apps Today – July 2014

8 Ways to Make Software Licensing Agreements Work for You


Information Week – April 2014

Oracle Support Costs: 2 Savings Strategies


Press Release – January 2014

IBM Audits: Managing and Minimizing the Impact


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FSO Knowledge Xchange

FSO – January 2013

Thought Leadership Perspectives


Tech Target – November 2012

How to survive an Oracle audit


ISM – November 2012

Get a Leg Up in Negotiating


ITAK News – 2011

Are Software Discounts a Bargain


ITAK News – 2011

Lawyers and Software Negotiations

eSecurity Planet

eSecurity Planet – July 24, 2011

4 Simple Steps to Safeguard Your Voicemail

Info Mgmt

Information Management – June 30, 2011

Hot Database Security Trends and Tips from the Trenches

Search Security

Search Security Channel – June 2, 2011

Security product specialization key for Oracle VAR success


Computer World – May 20, 2011

Can Internet gambling really work in D.C.?

Search Oracle

Search Oracle – April 19, 2011

Beware the Oracle license audit

CIO Magazine

CIO Magazine – April 16, 2011

How to get the best deal from Oracle


Computer World – March 24, 2011

Oracle Q3 net income rises 78 percent


CIO Update – December 01, 2010

Does Virtualization Save You Money?


CFO – November 15, 2010

How to Work the Angles with Microsoft


InfoWorld – September 07, 2010

How to get tough with your tech vendors


Cloud Computing Journal’s – August 11, 2010

An Oracle Licensing Tale: Cloud Computing the Amazon Way


Enterprise Systems – August 03, 2010

Software Licensing: Maximizing the Value of Your Investment


BusinessWeek – April 28, 2010

Users advised to be careful with Oracle ULAs

Computer World

ComputerWorld – April 02, 2010

In multi-core era, per-socket pricing faces challenges
Analysts wonder how long scheme can last as x86 processors hit 12, 16 and more cores

ITAM Review

The ITAM Review – March 16, 2010

License Management Trends


IT Business Edge – March 12, 2010

Enterprise Software Licensing Gets Cloudy


Processor – January 14, 2010

Understanding The Rules

Federal Computer Week

Federal Computer Week – September 21, 2009

5 traps that can spoil virtualization savings

PC World

PC World – September 18, 2009

License Audits: Preparing Now Can Ease the Pain

APP dot com

APP.com – August 23, 2009

Local Briefs: Awards Finalists Named

CIO Update

CIO Update – August 12, 2009

How to Negotiate Better Software Licensing Deals


IDG News Service – June 9, 2009

Consultant: Oracle holding firm on license discounts


CIO Magazine – May 5, 2009

Oracle cuts extended support price

Computer World

ComputerWorld – April 23, 2009

Are price hikes in store for Sun software support?

Network World

Network World – April 13, 2009

Oracle not budging on maintenance fees

Search IT Channel

Search IT Channel – March 13, 2009

Oracle fees for maintenance and support under fire


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Network World

Network World – December 22, 2008

Enterprise Software in 2009

Channel Insider

Channel Insider – December 19, 2008

Oracle Gets Flexible to Off Set Recession Pressure
Oracle, the world’s second-largest software company, reports its first quarterly loss in three years. Solution providers say the vendor is getting more flexible and creative in deals with partners and customers to keep sales steady

Computer World

ComputerWorld – December 15, 2008

Economy Offering Opportunities for Cutting Software Costs
The global recession isn�t helping IT budgets. But it provides users with an opportunities to gain a pricing edge on their software vendors.

Entrepreneur Magazine – November 2008

All Well and Good. A healthy workplace means keeping your employees� minds and bodies happy
Miro Consulting�s CEO & Founder Scott D. Rosenberg talked about how the company encourages his team to be fit in mind and body.

Computer World

ComputerWorld – October 1, 2008

Oracle Database Machine: For many, much pricier than first touted
Analysts, competitors say Oracle used overly aggressive assumptions for its pricing

Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal – September 30, 2008

Silicon Valley Finds It Isn’t Immune From Credit Crisis

Bank Technology News

Bank Tech News – September 30, 2008

Take Steps to Head Off An IP Audit
Compliance has been an ongoing discourse in the banking sector (and, the financial services industry, in general) since the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Both a mantra and curse, financial institutions continue to struggle to maintain best practices across all sectors. But few companies understand that SOX is not just about reporting financials correctly, it’s also about attesting that your enterprise is in compliance with copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights.


ZDNet – September 29, 2008

Software Licensing Agreement Strategies Revealed
Negotiating software licensing pacts with big tech. ZDNet senior editor Sam Diaz talks to Eliot Arlo Colon, president of Miro Consulting, discussing the ins and out of software licensing agreements with companies like Oracle. Colon shares his views on new Web 2.0 software and how businesses can get an edge in the negotiating process.

The IT-Finance Connection

The IT-Finance Connection – August 8, 2008

CFOs and CIOs Should Work Together on Licensing
Today, the role of the CIO has been elevated to that of executive management. Obviously, expectations for IT are on the rise. Unfortunately, CIOs are frequently set-up to focus on the wrong things and tackling the impossible – anywhere from building on an infrastructure that�s older than Methuselah to struggling with a shrinking budget against the needs of a growing company. What CIOs should be focusing on is governance, oversight, perception and cost control.

Processor Magazine

Processor Magazine – August 1, 2008

Software License Compliance (Stay on the Right Side of the Law)
Miro Consulting CEO Scott D. Rosenberg lends his expert opinion on compliance. Rosenberg says that “the key to remaining in compliance is ‘software asset management’.”

Network World

Network World – July 28, 2008

SAP, Oracle price hikes open door for license optimization
Miro Consulting President Eliot Colon comments on Oracle licensing rules, the new price list and automated discovery tools.

Computer World

ComputerWorld – July 1, 2008

Microsoft’s new ‘Select Plus’ a better software license for businesses?
Miro Consulting CEO and Founder Scott D. Rosenberg warns that Select Plus still needs oversight.

CIO Magazine

CIO Magazine – June 25, 2008

Oracle Posts String, Q4 Full-Year Results
Miro Consulting comment on Oracle licensing and the effect BEA has had.


SearchCIO – May 21, 2008

Software Negotiating Expert Eliot colon, Miro Consulting
SearchCIO’s Senior News Editor Linda Tucci interviews Eliot Colon, president of Miro Consulting, on Oracle licensing and how to configure, negotiate and manage Oracle licensing contracts.

Washington Post

Washington Post – March 31, 2008

Could worry over Oracle earnings mean deals for customers?
Washington Post consultants say market worries over Oracle’s earnings performance might lead to better deals for customer.

Asbury Park Press

Asbury Park Press – February 13, 2008

Brielle Man Moves Up
The Asbury Park Press runs a news item on Eliot Arlo Colon’s new title and duties as president of Miro Consulting.

The Observer

The Observer – February 5, 2008

Yahoo’s Yang needs to know where it all went wrong
The Observer quoted Miro Consulting�s CEO and Founder in a story about Microsoft’s overture to Yahoo!.

Network World

Network World – February 5, 2008

Consultant: How to Deal with Oracle licensing
Network World ran a feature story on Miro Consulting’s webinar on Smarter Oracle Licensing.

CRN – January 28, 2008

Microsoft Tests Partners’ Licensing Knowledge
CRN quotes CEO Scott Rosenberg on Microsoft�s new software licensing quiz in the article entitled, “Microsoft Tests Partner’s Licensing Knowledge”.

E-Commerce Times

E-Commerce Times – January 18, 2008

Five Steps to Compliance: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Software Licensing
Miro Consulting�s CEO Scott Rosenberg discusses enterprise software licensing and measures to ensure compliancy.


Bloomberg – December 19, 2007

Oracle Fees for Software Upgrades May Limit Slowdown
GotVMail is one of more than 265 Oracle clients to use Miro Consulting, in Fords, New Jersey, for bargaining advice

Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal – November 20, 2007

As Software Firms Merge, Synergy is Elusive
The Wall Street Journal quotes Miro Consulting�s COO Eliot Arlo Colon about how the current M&A amongst software companies affect customers in the article entitled, “As Software Firms Merge, Synergy is Elusive.” Mr. Colon says: “This has left CIOs and information technology departments with less influence in negotiating software discounts because there are fewer vendors to pit against each other at the bargaining table, though customers can also potentially lower maintenance and integration costs by buying more software from a single vendor.”

IT Week

IT Week – September 17, 2007

Negotiating the Licensing Maze
IT Week interviews Miro Consulting�s COO and Partner Eliot Arlo Colon on why firms need help negotiating licenses.

CRN – August 28, 2007

Partners to Microsoft: Don’t Make Us Licensing Police
CRN quotes Miro Consulting’s Microsoft licensing analyst, in the article “Partners to Microsoft: Don’t Make Us Licensing Police.”

Baseline Magazine

Baseline Magazine – August 15, 2007

8 Secrets to Software Licensing Management Savings
Miro Consulting�s Scott D. Rosenberg is a guest author for Baseline Magazine and writes about “8 Secrets to Software Licensing Management Savings.”

CXO Magazine

CXO Magazine – April 2007

What you don’t know can cost you millions
Miro Consulting’s CEO Scott Rosenberg addresses how to assess and minimize the cost of software licensing and maintenance in the April 2007 issue of CXO Magazine. Typically, a company’s CEO or CFO is not particularly interested in or knowledgeable about the intricacies of the IT organization. But, there are two reasons the executive management team should at least give it a cursory glance.


ITAK News – March 2007

Billions at Stake in Software Licensing Knowledge Gaps
Billions at Stake in Software Licensing Gaps…In ITAK, the IT Asset Knowledge Magazine, Miro Consulting CEO Scott Rosenberg talks about how to even the playing field against software giants in the game of compliance.

CRN – December 11, 2006

Channel Will Reap $70B in Vista Business Next Year, Study Says
CRN quotes Miro’s Scott Rosenberg, a Microsoft licensing expert, in the article “Channel Will Reap $70B In Vista Business Next Year, Study Says”


SearchSMB – December 6, 2006

Information is king at the Oracle negotiating table
SearchSMB.com reports on GotVMail Communications LLC’s very positive experience with using Miro Consulting for its Oracle licensing strategy, planning and negotiations. Miro provided GotVMail with the knowledge that shifted the balance of power in favor of GotVMail in negotiating with Oracle.

Inc 500

Inc. 500 – August 21, 2006

Miro Consulting is notified by Inc. Magazine that it is part of the 2006 Inc. 500 list of companies, which represents the nation’s 500 fastest growing private companies. Miro’s ranking is 397. An award ceremony is planned for San Francisco in January, 2007. (Inc. 500)


Deliotte – August 10, 2006

Miro Consulting was recognized and honored at Deloitte’s awards ceremony held at The Sheraton at Woodbridge, Iselin, NJ on August 10, 2006. Deloitte chose Miro Consulting as #15 on their prestigious list of fifty.

New Jersey Business

New Jersey Business – August 2, 2006

For the second consecutive year, NJBIZ announces Miro Consulting as one of the fifty fastest growing companies in New Jersey.

The New York Times

The New York Times – August 7, 2005

The New York Times Sunday business section ‘Career Couch’, authored by Matt Villano, quotes Miro’s Scott Rosenberg on his views on management.


InfoWorld – February 21, 2005

InfoWorld quotes Miro’s Eliot Colon in the following article “7 Strategies for Highly Effective Buyers”