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Salesforce License Review

Our expert analyst team will conduct a comprehensive license and subscription review of the organization’s Salesforce instances, related products, license types, users, contracts and purchasing documents to help the organization reduce costs and improve ROI

Salesforce licensing is much more complex than many organizations realize. License choices include the organization type, cloud type, edition type, and actual license type. There are a variety of limited use case license types available, at substantially reduced costs, but most organization’s only make use of the “Standard” full price license.

Salesforce LicensingSalesforce license additions like premier support and mobile access can increase the cost of individual licenses further, and system charges for excess data storage and user logins can push the total cost of ownership even higher.

Typical Salesforce Installation Licensing Issues:

  • Overspending on extra unused licenses
  • License sharing against Salesforce contract policies
  • Over licensing by giving full feature licenses to limited use users
  • Instance design and implementation with a disregard to licensing
  • Incorrect Salesforce edition purchased based on business type and needs
  • Bad practices leading to excess data charges
  • No renewal price contract language
  • Over-reliance on third party implementation consultants

Miro can help your organization reduce its Salesforce costs by undertaking a comprehensive review of its license entitlements and compare it against actual usage.  Our Salesforce team is not only comprised of Salesforce licensing experts, but also includes experienced Salesforce Administrators who have real world technical and business experience administering Salesforce installations at large global organizations.

Traditional Salesforce implementation partners may have technical competency in the development and customization of Salesforce instances, but usually have no specific experience in license optimization.  Implementers who use the Force.com platform for their app typically keep 25% or more of the licensing costs, incentivizing them to sell as many licenses as possible.

Miro is 100% independent of Salesforce so we can put our client’s needs first, and by not being a member of the Salesforce Partner Network, we have no contractual obligations of any kind to share information with them which we receive from our clients.

Contact Miro today to learn how you can save 20% or more on your Salesforce licensing costs and better plan your next renewal negotiation.

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Miro is a leading global provider of software asset management services, specializing in license management, audit advisory, negotiation tactics, support management, and cloud services. We help our clients maximize ROI on their software license investments, stay in compliance, and minimize the impact of audits. Miro's performance guarantee promises that our long-tenured, diverse, and passionate team of expert analysts provides insightful and actionable advice to help our clients achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Miro’s no risk Performance Guarantee is that the amount of cost savings that we uncover will be more than our fees.


“Miro helped us achieve significant savings on our Salesforce licensing costs, provided critical negotiations support, and optimized our security, roles and profiles, giving us a much better ROI on our Salesforce investment.”

Christopher Gattoni
Manager of Information Technology • RISO, Inc.

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