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We are the leading provider of software asset management services, license management, audit advisory, negotiation tactics, support management, and cloud services for Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, and Salesforce.

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How We Stand Out

Performance Guarantee

We stand behind our results. We are the only software licensing organization that is confident enough to guarantee the performance of our work.


Proactive Approach

We don’t wait for audit results; we proactively review software compliance. Unlike our competitors, we don’t take a reactive approach. Our work starts before the audit to minimize your risk.


Oracle Partner Program

We extend our membership to our clients. As a wholly independent company, Miro can offer our clients the opportunity to access special pricing, terms, conditions, and support options that are not available otherwise.


Industry Founder & Proprietary Tools

Miro is the original software licensing consulting firm that founded the industry over 20 years ago, and our proprietary tools, a long-tenured team of expert analysts are the most experienced and trustworthy in the business.


Customer Case Studies

Large Public Utility Saves 41% on their AWS bill

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National Healthcare Organization Selects Miro To Manage Oracle Support Contracts

Miro improved their overall relationship with Oracle, while reducing costs in areas where little value existed.

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Multinational Health Organization Resolves Audit and Saves $20 million

Miro identified multiple instances where the terms would need to be modified, and negotiated with Oracle for the Organization’s rights to use the ULA in multiple third-party cloud environments.

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Multinational Manufacturing Organization Chooses Miro’s Managed Services for Oracle Licensing & Subscriptions

The addition of consistent and focused attention to the management of their Oracle software licensing generated more benefits than they had originally envisioned.

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United States Army saves over $60M

The Army was able to drop several products that were not needed due to other products having expanded license rights.

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Global Pharma Company saves over $18M

Miro’s expert analysis resulted in a singular Enterprise Agreement for the company with the appropriate licensing at a greatly discounted price.

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Oracle Licensing Guide

Download our free Oracle Licensing Guide to learn how to get the best prices and avoid shortfalls.

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Oracle Audit Defense Guide

Download the Oracle Audit Defense Guide to defend against an Oracle audit and avoid costly penalty fees.

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Microsoft Licensing Guide

Microsoft licensing basics, Determining if you are in compliance with Microsoft licensing policies, Negotiating against a Microsoft licensing purchase, True-ups & renewals

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Microsoft Audit Guide

A step-by-step process for Microsoft Audit defense management, as well as addressing some of questions many customers have concerning Microsoft audits.

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IBM Audit Defense Guide

Download our free guide to defend against an IBM audit and avoid costly penalty fees.

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Salesforce Licensing Guide

Download our free Salesforce Licensing Guide to learn how to get the best prices and avoid shortfalls.

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Java Licensing & Subscription Guide

Download our free Java Licensing Guide to understand how to license Java and avoid an audit failure

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