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8 Signs You're About To Be Audited For Non-Compliance

So, we’re off to the races and Oracle World is looking mighty fine. Ellison’s eloquent walk down memory lane on Sunday evening was the topic…

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Oracle Virtualization Compliance Risks Join us for this informative webinar where we'll discuss the most common virtualization technology issues that cause organizations to be out of compliance with Oracle.

Even if you haven't made any recent technology changes, unannounced changes in rule interpretations could mean you're out of compliance.


o VMware
o HyperV
Nov 12, 20202:30pm EST1 hour
IBM ILMT - Avoiding Technical and Licensing Mistakes IBM's ILMT tools can be difficult to install, configure and manage. Mistakes can lead to massive out-of-compliance exposure for organizations who get it wrong. Join Miro Consulting's Sharon Trembley and Aria Consulting's Ed Zadeh to learn more about getting your ILMT installed and working perfectly.Nov 19, 20202:30pm EST30 minutes
Microsoft Q&A Join us for this informative webinar where we'll cover the recent changes announced by Microsoft and what you'll need to do now.

Our analysts will be available for a Question and Answer session after the presentation.

What's being cancelled:

* Support for some clients
* License Mobility options
* Planning Services program
* Training credits
* Software Assurance benefits
* Certain product upgrade options
* more...
Dec 3, 20202:30pm EST1 hour