Multinational Health Organization Resolves Audit and Saves $20 million

  • Oracle had audited the Organization while it was preparing for a merger
  • The Organization negotiated for key terms and conditions for Proprietary Hosting, enterprise metrics, and more, with Miro’s guidance
  • Miro helped the Organization secure important rights for third-party Cloud Migrations

When the large multinational health and medical technology Organization received a formal audit letter from Oracle, they knew who to call. Having previously worked with Miro on other projects, they immediately contacted Miro to help them navigate the audit and respond to Oracle’s requests for information.

Realizing the large scope of the audit, Miro advised the Organization to request more time to gather the required information, and Oracle acquiesced. While Miro assisted the Organization in collecting the information and reviewing their contracts and entitlements, the situation was further complicated by the public announcement of the Organization’s impending merger with another similarly sized company.

Because the other company had its own unique Oracle ULA, and in anticipation that much of the future environment would be subject to change from the merger, Miro advised the Organization to enter into a ULA to resolve the audit and facilitate their future business needs.

Oracle was amenable to the idea, but their initial ULA offer greatly exceeded the Organization’s budget, and it didn’t fully align to the terms and conditions which the Organization required. Based on Miro’s recommendations, the Organization continued to negotiate with Oracle for a ULA which was customized for their specific needs.

Miro identified multiple instances where the terms would need to be modified, and negotiated with Oracle for the Organization’s rights to use the ULA in multiple third-party cloud environments. The Organization also wanted specific M&A language that would allow it to true-up on future growth, which resulted in continued negotiations with Oracle.

Eventually Oracle offered the Organization a ULA contract with pricing more in line with its budget, including all of the terms and conditions required. The Organization accepted the ULA contract, settled the audit, and ultimately saved millions more than their original anticipated budgetary spend.

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