Oracle License Services: Spending Money to Save It

Oracle licenses cost money. It can be a lot of money, too. So much so that companies are sometimes reluctant to invest in expert consulting services to help maintain licensing compliance simply because they have already spent enough on the software itself. But sometimes a company needs to spend money in order to save it. This is especially true when it comes to Oracle audit defense and other Oracle license management services.

As a business owner or executive, you know the drill. You know that a company looking to increase its efficiency might have to invest in new equipment and procedures. But greater efficiency in the long term ends up saving more money than the company spends in the short term.

3 Reasons to Not Take Risks

As you already know, companies do not outright purchase Oracle software. They purchase licenses to use the software. Licenses are very specific in nature. They cover everything from how software is used to who uses it and how such use is managed. Needless to say, being noncompliant with license agreements is a serious issue. It can also be costly. Here are just three reasons to not take any risk:

  1. Audits Can Be Expensive

If Oracle suspects a company might be out of compliance, it could require an audit. Audits can be expensive. Not only that, but companies can also incur additional expenses indirectly related to an audit. Add it all up and what began as a basic Oracle audit could eventually become a full-blown licensing crisis created by a very expensive audit.

  1. Demands for Back Payments

It is very likely that findings of noncompliance will mean that a company must make back payments for the entire duration of the noted offenses. Let us say a company was found to have been using an Oracle product for a year without the right license. They may be forced to pay the full fee for that year.

  1. Fines and Legal Expenses

Should Oracle decide to pursue litigation, there may be additional fines and legal expenses involved. Even without litigation, Oracle could choose to assess noncompliance penalties. Depending on the size of the company and the number of infractions discovered, the total cost for being out of compliance could reach millions of dollars.

Our Services Are Preventive

Comparing the total costs of noncompliance with the amount of money a company would spend on Oracle license reviews and audit defense brings clarity like nothing else. Comparing the costs makes it clear that our services are preventative in nature. Those services include:

Think of our services as being similar to a home inspection. Prior to purchase, buyers have an inspection done in hopes of finding nothing wrong with the house. If an inspection does reveal problems, buyers can either back out or demand that the issues be taken care of prior to closing. This mitigates the buyer’s risk of taking a huge financial hit later on.

It is understandable that companies might be reluctant to invest in Oracle license services. They might elect to manage their own license reviews and mock audits. But from our perspective, it makes more sense to spend a little money on professional services to save a lot more money down the road.

Here at Miro Consulting, we consider ourselves Oracle licensing experts. We offer a variety of Oracle-oriented services including Oracle license reviews, license management, and audit defense. Furthermore, we are confident that the cost savings our services reveal will be greater than our fees. We are so confident that we offer a performance guarantee to that effect.

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