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Microsoft Audits – What is worth fighting for?

Most common questions we get during a Microsoft Audit:

What are the primary points to negotiate with the supplier or their agent when an audit notice is received?
What are the points to fight for?
What are the points that are most important?

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Miro Consulting at 2014 World of IT Financial Management!

Next week, Miro’s Tim Hegegus will be presenting at the 2014 World of IT Financial Management on Optimizing Software License Investments. If you happen to be attending or in the area check it out! More details below!

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Can you prevent or circumvent a Microsoft audit?

We are constantly asked how to prevent an audit from Microsoft. We wish we could have this really profound, interesting answer, but we don’t. There is no magic trick or piece of software that prevents an audit. The only two things you can do are (1) be prepared and (2) manage the audit as soon as you are notified.

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