Month: July 2009

New office!

It’s been a stressful time, but an exciting one for us here at Miro. We are officially moved into our new office at 167 Main Street in Woodbridge. The space is double the size of our old Fords location! This new space and where Miro is today reminds me of our meager beginnings. Back in 2003 when Miro was about 3 years old, a move from our most modest NYC office entailed loading up Eliot’s SUV with two computers (no […]

Two new Microsoft licensing models due out in October

Last week, Microsoft announced two new enterprise licensing bundles – expected to be released October 1 – that could save money for loyal Microsoft customers. The two new plans – Enrollment for Application Platform and Enrollment for Core Infrastructure were created based on customer feedback, according to a Q&A with Joe Matz, corporate vice-president for worldwide licensing and pricing at Microsoft. The Enrollment for Application Platform offers a server software suite (SQL Server database, BizTalk Server, Office SharePoint Server, Visual […]

NASA – taped over moon landing?

Wow. This wasn’t expected. On the anniversary of the moon landing in 1969, NASA officials stated that they “couldn’t find” the original footage of the lunar walk because it was likely taped over for another mission. They just released new restored footage of the moon walk based on the original broadcast. No explanation as to why no one recognized the first walk on the moon as something that should be saved! To cut costs, the Apollo 11 landing was taped […]

Enterprise Software: Mediocrity, Meltdowns and More

Recently, I was catching up on my reading and came across CIO Magazine’s Thomas Wailgum hilarious First Annual Enterprise Software Awards spoof. A smackdown of the enterprise software vendors accepting awards for bad customer service, bad marketing and SaaS versus traditional software modults. Read Wailgum’s satirical blog post. First Annual Enterprise Software Awards: Mediocrity, Meltdowns and More.

No downside to automation

Naturally, there are cost benefits to buying fewer licenses when re-negotiating a contract. The question is – how do you weigh the cost benefits against the risk of having too few or even being out of compliance because you are using your licenses improperly? Having an accurate account of business need is essential in reducing risk associating with contract negotiation and estimated licensing usage. The benefits of having a clear understanding of your licensing needs outweigh the cost of defining […]

Implementing a SAM program to, yes, CUT, costs

Most companies are under the impression that a software asset management (SAM) project is something to do only when times are good, revenues are strong, and there is “room” for an additional project under the IT budget. The funny thing is, in times of economic depression, implementing a SAM system can save you tons, and free up budget for other things. Not only will effective SAM programs decrease the amounts you are paying in new licensing and maintenance fees, but […]

Six steps to SAM

Software asset management (SAM) doesn’t have to be a daunting process. It can be very simple and rewarding if implemented properly. Here are six necessary steps to a successful SAM program (tongue twister eh?): 1.     Know and understand your SLAs for all your software vendors (not all licensing agreements are created  equal), the terms and conditions, and if you have questions, ask your rep or a consultant to explain them to you. Now this seems basic and it should be, […]

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