Month: April 2009

Oracle and Sun – what will it mean for customers?

Looks like Ellison is going shopping again at bargain prices with Oracle‘s acquisition of Sun Microsystems. This could mean that Oracle is more in line with becoming a competitor to HP, even while touting a joint HP-Oracle Database Machine and Exadata Programmable Storage Server (only launched last year). With Sun, Oracle will get more from the business relationships to sell into customers it already knows and expand into organizations where it may not have a current footprint. But how will […]

Cost Saving tips for hard times

Despite economic conditions, businesses still need services and still need to pay maintenance fees. Budgets are being cut, but many needs remain the same, prompting IT folks to scramble and figure out the best course of action. Here are some quick tips for negotiation that should help you get the most from your vendors: Don’t send in the accounting person – non-technical people should not do the negotiating; and don’t have your lawyer do it alone, either. The person that […]

A new free guide is out!

We had such positive feedback from clients and colleagues in the industry with our last free guide; we decided to publish a second on Software Asset Management Practices. The new white paper discusses the following: Understanding Oracle’s core licensing models 8 tips for effectively managing Oracle assets The discovery process: automated software asset management (SAM) solution Tactics for successfully negotiating with Oracle based on SAM best practices To get your copy send an email to freeguide@miroconsulting.com.

Knowledge is King for Software Licensing Contract Discussions!

We have a great series of Webinars in April and May. On April 21, we are co-presenting with ManageSoft on Oracle and Microsoft licensing and how knowledge is a critical factor during any software licensing contract discussions. We will discuss the discovery and inventory process for Oracle database instances and options, and explain how to establish a strong Vendor License Position. And, both companies will be presenting case studies. It’s sure to be a great discussion. Graeme Port, ManageSoft’s CTO […]

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