Month: December 2008

Microsoft Select 3-Tier Licensing Agreements

For Select licensing programs, there are three separate components: Microsoft Business and Services Agreement (MBSA), Select License Agreement, and Select License enrollment.  The 3-tier agreement structure was created to allow organizations with multiple affiliates or geographies to have more flexibility. Microsoft Business and Services Agreement (MBSA) is required for any and all Select purchases. This is the master agreement that outlines contract terms common to Microsoft licensing, service, and support agreements and needs to be signed only once with or […]

Service Provider License Agreement Program Requirements

Like the ISV licensing requirements, there are certain requirements that need to be met to qualify for cost savings found in the Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) Program. 1-      Your organization must be enrolled in the Microsoft Partner Program as a Certified Partner for a Registered Member in the Hosting Program. 2-      You must also comply with the Services Provider Use Rights and export requirements.  In addition, as an ISV, you must provide technical support for licensed products delivered to […]

Criteria for Microsoft ISV Royalty Licensing Program

  Independent software vendors who participate in Microsoft’s ISV Royalty program should be aware of the criteria: ISV must develop a value-added solution using Microsoft’s products and distribute it as one solution. It is expected that a Certified II or Gold II membership is maintained in the Microsoft Partner Program or your organization can purchase prepaid support options from MS or a Gold Certified Support Partner. There is a commitment of $15,000 in royalties over a three-year agreement term. Technical […]

Forecasting, Pools and Points

With the Microsoft Select licensing programs, the terms forecasting, pools and points are heard frequently.  The three items are a means of creating license estimates and determining discounts.  We’re often asked how this is done and what it all means. Forecasting gives organizations the ability to estimate the total number of points per product pool needed over the standard 3-year licensing agreement period, which gives a licensing forecast.  The forecasted points determine an organization’s price level qualification with the biggest […]

Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement

The Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) is much more flexible than the ISV program. It allows you to license MS products on a monthly subscription basis, during a 3-year term, while enabling your organization to use the products to provide software services to customers. The following scenarios would make the SPLA program the best suited for you: You distribute Microsoft licensed products as part of a unified solution, not as stand-alone products. You do not lease or rent Microsoft licensed […]

Flexibility of Microsoft Open Value Subscription

Microsoft Open Value Subscription is by far the most flexible licensing model and requires the lowest up-front costs for businesses that may have limited budgets and changing needs. An example of a business that could benefit from an Open Value Subscription is a forestry organization, where there is a fluctuation of personnel based on the season. Due to a constantly changing workforce – at times from hundreds during the busy season to only a few administrative employees in the off-season […]

Microsoft Select: 3 Key Benefits You Should Know

The Microsoft Select License program was designed specifically for medium and large organizations with 250 or more PCs that have mixed software requirements and require the use of multiple vendors, operating across multiple networks or platforms. For example, this program would work well for a global advertising agency with multiple employees and offices; some working on PCs with standard Office applications while others using Mac OS and related design programs. For organizations that meet these requirements and are looking for […]

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