Month: August 2010

CIS and Oracle Database Security Benchmarks

Most Oracle (as well as DB2, MySQL and MS SQL Server) DBA’s are aware of the existence of Oracle database and application security benchmarks, but tend to treat the benchmarks, which are a type of best practice lists, with somewhat of a benignly neglectful attitude. This attitude is attributable to the lack of time on behalf of the harried DBAs, who are tasked with numerous critical functions, including the ensuring of high performance and continuous availability of their systems.

Oracle Announces Oracle Database Firewall product

Oracle has just announced a brand new database security product, named Oracle Database Firewall. Oracle Database Firewall is the name for the database activity monitoring capability previously offered by Secerno, the British firm, which was recently acquired by Oracle. Oracle seems to be on solid ground when it claims that the new product provides zero day protection from security threats, because the tool works in real time by working not within the database itself, but by monitoring database activity at […]

Oracle GRC Controls

This is an age both of an unprecedented amount of data breaches as well as an age of audits and auditors that have taken a much more serious stand about financial data integrity, following debacles such as Enron. Through internal development efforts and key acquisitions (such as Logical Apps), Oracle has put forth a comprehensive set of GRC tools, especially for companies that have deployed financial apps such as the Oracle E-Business Suite.

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