Monthly Archives: April 2010

What’s the biggest Microsoft licensing issue?

Boy! We get this question all the time. Cost. The cost- Enterprise Agreement, in particular – has come under increased scrutiny during the recent economic stress. Both IT and Financial executives are questioning the value of their licensing and support

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Rebalancing your Oracle licenses: Put your existing assets to work

Why not put your existing Oracle assets to work without having to commit to a large upfront investment? License rebalancingTM is the art of taking existing licensing – such as Concurrent, Named User, application specific and/or CPU-based licensing – and

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Oracle 12% price decrease on select Oracle Beehive one-year support

Oracle has made a 12% price decrease on Collaboration Program User for one-year support on select Oracle Beehive solutions: ·         Oracle Beehive Synchronous Collaboration – Collaboration Program User (from $5 to $4.40) ·         Oracle Beehive Voicemail – Collaboration Program User

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