Month: February 2018

Modern Policies Supersede Legacy Software Contract Terms

Modern Policies Supersede Legacy Software Contract Terms Server Metric Just because a legacy contract doesn’t include rules on virtualization or multi-core processors, it doesn’t mean the organization can simply ignore the vendor’s current policies on those subjects.  When virtualization technologies were developed, software vendors changed the way servers were licensed.  When a server had a single processor and core, the entire server was licensed as a Server metric. With the introduction of hardware with multiple processors and then multi-core processors, […]

Licensing Oracle’s Business Analytics Tools (BICS vs DVCS vs DVD)

Oracle BICS vs DVCS vs DVD Both Business Intelligence Cloud Services (BICS) and Data Visualization Cloud Service are used for data visualization, and have similar capabilities. Deciding which is best for your organization can be challenging.  Here’s some tips on making the right decision. Oracle’s business intelligence platform, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is an on-premise tool able to create reports, dashboards and real time alerts for users.  In 2014, Oracle introduced BICS as the cloud based version of […]

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