Month: April 2017

Top 5 Questions When Considering an Oracle ULA

1. How well do I understand my organization’s environment? The first step in considering an Oracle ULA is knowing what is currently owned by your organization, as well as what may be changed in the next three to four years. This knowledge builds the foundation for considering an Oracle ULA, and alternative license engagements.   2. How well does my IT department communicate its uses and needs? While a ULA may attempt to be an “all-you-can-eat” agreement, Oracle ULAs require […]

Oracle License Grandfathering option for AWS & Azure

Update – August 23, 2017: Oracle LMS Rejects Grandfathering of Licenses We expected caveats to any grandfathering rules, but not a complete turnaround. However, that is what has apparently occurred. We were researching with Oracle some very specific grandfathering questions for a client. After several months, yes months, Oracle License Management Services stated that there would be no grandfathering option when it came to pre-Jan 23, 2017 Oracle license purchases that had been allocated to AWS environments that were in […]

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