Month: January 2009

Quick Byte: Microsoft Licensing Tip # 14 – Server Licensing

Servers and software … they are like night and day when it comes to licensing and all scenarios need to be considered. You must acquire a license for each instance of the management server software you run. You may run this on a physical or virtual OS environment. There are two separate categories of management licenses – one for servers and one for non-servers. A license for managed servers is required for each server’s OS environment on a device that […]

Microsoft Licensing Tip # 13: Online Services

Online services have their own set of licensing rules. They are typically subscription based and provide access only to software and services. There are a few types of licensing models that apply here: User or Device Subscription License (USL or DSL) – USL or DSL licenses are needed for each user or device that accesses the online service. Services Subscription License (SSL) – These licenses apply specifically to an entire organization’s use of an online service. NOTE: This doesn’t always […]

Quick Byte: Microsoft Licensing Tip #12 – Per User Licenses for Developers

When licensing Microsoft software of any kind, you must acquire a license for every user you allow to access the software. You can also install any number of copies on any number of devices for access and use by one user to “design, develop, test and demonstrate programs.”

Microsoft Volume Licensing – Which one is for me?

There are seven, yes seven different MS licensing schemes, we thought we would share this great comparison chart that helps define each programs, and should help you choose which program best fits your organization. Just remember that software licensing is not always black and white.  Since software licensing is a part of intellectual property, it’s subject to interpretation – like any legal policy.

Quick Byte: Microsoft Licensing Tip #11 – Desktop PC Applications

Three rules for desktop PC applications: One license is required for each device using the software (locally or remotely) You can install any number of copies of any version that is supported You can also install those copies on the host OS or in a virtual hardware system You can access (if permitted) from any device that has a license for the software (e.g. Microsoft Office suite); BUT the device must have a license for the same or later edition, […]

Microsoft’s Patent for Metered Licensing Model Approved

Last week, Microsoft received approval for a patent for technology to meter software use and access to specific computer hardware. Why would they want this? Microsoft wants to introduce a “metered pay as you go” licensing model. The new model would include fees that would be charged again as a prepaid or billed account for software and services. We believe that Microsoft is moving in this direction for several reasons; one being that their traditional licensing model is in trouble, […]

Weekly Digest of Oracle and Microsoft Licensing: Flat-rate and Pay-As-You-Go Licensing Demands, Jan. 5, 2009

We know how much time you DON’T have so we decided to create this weekly digest to help folks stay on top of software licensing, compliance, and audit news specifically to Oracle and Microsoft. We also added other interesting tidbits on both companies here along with general licensing news that could ROCK your world. Since last week, there has been a big hullabaloo about flat-rate or pay-as-you-go licensing for vendor software. CNET News Should software face the flat-rate music future? […]

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