Month: May 2010

Miro Consulting supports Multiple Sclerosis

We’re a company that believes in actions speaking louder than words. Over the last few years, Miro has supported the Multiple Sclerosis Bike Ride fundraiser (May 22 in West Long Branch, NJ) through a financial donation and through deed – by riding alongside the dear friend of Eliot Colon (Miro’s president and foremost recognized expert on Oracle licensing) – Joe Martz. We happily sponsor all Miro employees who want to ride with us and there were many! To donate to […]

In the Multi-core era, software runs behind hardware

A few inquiries came in from my April 30 vlog on Multicore: Hardware is running ahead of software regarding per-socket pricing, the new multi-cores and some additional thoughts. For all those who asked (as well as those who didn’t), ComputerWorld’s Patrick Thibodeau wrote a piece – In Multi-Core Era, Per-Socket Pricing Faces Challenges – that had us all thinking.

Has Oracle changed its policy on licensing databases on VMWare?

We recently answered that question in SearchOracle.com, where Miro is part of the Ask the Oracle Expert: Questions & Answers column. Here’s the original question and our answer. Has Oracle changed its policy in licensing databases on VMware? From my understanding, they are treating VMware as soft partitioning. Is there any official documentation with regards to VMware/Oracle licensing that I can refer to? Yes, in a nutshell it is treated like soft partitioning given that they are not recognizing VMware […]

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