Month: May 2017

5 Unusual Ways to Save on Microsoft Licenses & Subscriptions

You know the basics, but do you know these advanced strategies for saving on your Microsoft spend? Your organization could save hundreds of thousands of dollars by taking advantage of these special techniques and Microsoft programs, but only if you know what to ask for. 1. Independent Contract Review When your contract is up for renewal, many organizations simply assume that there’s no need to review the details more than in the past. Unfortunately, a lack of diligence and oversight […]

5 Ways Your Hosting Provider Can Put You Out of Compliance

Your Third-Party Hosting Provider may be putting you out of compliance. Unfortunately, your organization is liable if they do. Most providers have clauses in their contracts which absolve them of all responsibility. Is your hosting provider jeopardizing your compliance? Read more to find out. 1. Virtualized Environment Do you know if your Third-Party Hosting Provider is running your software in a virtualized environment? We find that Oracle can and will require licensing outside of their client’s own non-dedicated use for […]

7 Signs of an IBM Audit

Do you recognize the signs of an IBM audit? These 7 Signs of an IBM audit are red flags that you should recognize. You Get a Letter Introducing KPMG or Deloitte These are two of the “Big 4” accounting firms that manage the actual software license audit process on behalf of IBM.  IBM refers to them as, “third party independent auditors”.  Keep in mind that when it comes to their “independence,” these firms are paid by IBM for their services. […]

5 Things Oracle No Longer Offers in 2017

If your renewal is coming up soon and you were planning on using one of these, you may need to change your plans.  Here are 5 things that Oracle no longer offers in 2017: 1. Priceholds: Priceholds used to be the “bread and butter” of Oracle offerings, but are now quite uncommon. Besides being rare, their benefits are constricted, having a limited scope (in terms of applicable products) and limited discounts on subsequent procurements. 2. Limited Use: Many Oracle products […]

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