Month: March 2009

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement – To renew or not to renew? That is the question.

When the time comes and organizations are faced with their Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) renewal decision, it’s always a fierce internal debate. The cost of a renewal can be significant and represents a huge chunk of any IT budget. The complexity of Microsoft licensing, not to mention the challenge of negotiating a new agreement, require that you have a clearly defined plan for the future. New implementations of virtualization and cloud computing will reflect the decision to renew or not, […]

Promotions! Promotions! Everywhere! And, it’s all coming from Microsoft

Most companies across the globe are suffering during the financial crisis, grasping on to their customers for dear life. With revenues down and companies holding onto any reserve finances they have, Microsoft has implemented a discount program for its larger customers – offering a 25 percent discount on its Enterprise Agreement (EA) volume licensing contracts. If you are an EA customer, you have until July 3rd to claim the discount on licensing and software assurance. Products affected are as follows: […]

A good dose of CYA

Software asset management involves staying on top of compliance. SOX compels CEOs and CFOs to attest to reporting clean financials and reporting material changes regularly. Here’s the gotcha moment: SOX also requires them to be compliant with copyright law, which is what gives teeth to vendor audits by the likes of Oracle, Microsoft, Adobe and many of our beloved enterprise software vendors. So in the spirit of CYA, ensure that you have what you need to be compliant. All leading […]

Waltham/Boston-area seminar on…Oracle licensing and optimizing SAM

I’m going to be in Waltham, MA on March 19 speaking alongside Judith Hurwitz of Hurwitz & Associates and Phil Philbin of VMware at the IT Economic Stimulus Plan: Optimized SAM and Smart License Management event (hosted by our alliance partner, ManageSoft ). Click here for event details including RSVP.

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