Month: February 2008

Webinar Alert!

We are hosting another webinar and it’s coming up rather quickly – it will be held next Tuesday, March 4th, at 1:00 PM. This time around we will have a guest speaker, Paul Vallee, president of Pythian, to talk about Supply Management techniques for cost savings. Here is the link to register and more info below – “see” you there! The Supply Management Promise Date: March 4, 2008, 1 pm ET (60 minutes) Speaker: Paul Vallee, President, Pythian Businesses in […]

To Upgrade or not to Upgrade…

SearchOracle.com just wrote an interesting piece this week on the trials and tribulations of going through an upgrade process on existing enterprise software. Mark Brunelli emphasizes the importance of doing your research ahead of time – know what the new features are, or what features may have been done away with – before making the decision to upgrade. Just because it’s called an upgrade, doesn’t always mean that it will serve as an advantage to your business. Another important factor […]

Governance, risk and compliance….oh my!

Private and public sector executives alike are under pressure today to increase their understanding of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) issues -and their ability to respond to them. They are expected to deliver against a range of key performance indicators, including profitability, customer satisfaction, revenue growth, etc. And then there’s increasing demands from regulatory bodies, including Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Gramm Leach Bliley (GLBA), the 21 CFR Part 11 regulations concerning IT controls, and others – now and soon to follow. They […]

Week in Review (Around the World): The world of software licensing and compliance

In the News This Week ·         Asia Times Online: Microsoft plays cool after DVD blow Chairman Bill Gates stated that the concept should prevent learning barriers for students which would include high software licensing fees. ·         BusinessWeek: The Secrets of Microsoft’s Sync Adding to the cost are the licensing fees for Microsoft’s software, and the voice-recognition technology from software maker Nuance Communications (NUAN). Between hardware and software-licensing costs, and assuming the markup of three to four times cost typical to […]

BSA Gets another one!

Another “victim” of the BSA – a Denver, CO based door manufacturer was hit with over $92,000 to settle claims on unlicensed use of Microsoft and Symantec software. For a small local company that makes doors, that’s a serious amount of money to part with for something like this. According to the BSA, 35% of the software installed in 2006 was installed without legal licenses, amounting to nearly $40 billion in global losses because of software piracy and that 21% […]

Congratulations, Wayne!

More exciting news on the Miro leadership front – We’ve appointed Wayne Federico to Chief Information Officer. Wayne has been a valuable asset to Miro; he truly understands our customers and what issues are most important for their businesses.  Wayne previously served as the company’s Vice President of Technical Services and will continue to hold this title.  He will continue to work alongside of our Fortune 100 clients in order to align their Oracle licensing with their business needs. This […]

Week in Review in the World of Software Licensing

In the News This Week ·         InfoWorld Microsoft offers subscription licensing for small businesses ·         IT Business Edge Microsoft Cuts Software Licensing Costs for Some SMBs ·         Australian IT VMware Hits the Books: VIRTUALISATION software maker VMware has cemented a major software licensing deal with Australia and New Zealand’s academic sector. ·         CRN  Tech Data Enhances E-Biz Tools To Track Licenses, Contract Renewal

Microsoft Cuts Software Licensing Costs

So, Microsoft is knocking some dollars off its software licensing costs for small and mid-sized businesses with subscription-based licensing for small businesses.  The plan is called Open Value Subscription program and it costs about 1/3 of the expense of software licensing.  Basically, Microsoft offers discounts when the software is initially purchased through the subscription program.  The benefit: SMBs has an option of decreasing or increasing licensing over a 3-year period if their business needs change. So, the total cost of […]

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