Month: January 2018

Overpaying for Adobe Licenses & Subscriptions

Overpaying for Adobe Licenses & Subscriptions by Phara McLachlan Common statements: “Adobe is no longer auditing” “Adobe is auditing less” “I don’t have to worry about compliance for Adobe products anymore” Not quite true. You still need to understand your license estate and the costs associated to it. So many clients are overstating their requirements and needs, because they do not have a clear picture of what Adobe products are being used, what is truly needed, and/or if they are being […]

10 Oracle Cloud Mistakes to Avoid

10 Oracle Cloud Mistakes to Avoid Oracle’s new cloud first strategy has forced many of its clients to seriously evaluate moving some of their estate off-premise and onto the cloud. There can be very attractive advantages to using the Oracle Cloud, but it’s critically important to avoid these mistakes in your decision making process. Here’s what you should avoid. 1. Buying Oracle Cloud Solely to Avoid or Settle an On Premise Oracle Licensing Audit Be wary of buying Cloud products […]

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