Month: September 2009

Analyst: Microsoft licensing still difficult

With October a day or two away, and the launch of Windows 7 nears, Microsoft’s licensing hasn’t gotten any clearer. Two analysts at Directions on Microsoft, an analyst firm that reports on the company, has released a report that breaks down five reasons why Microsoft licensing is supposedly difficult: 1.    Many products and markets. Microsoft offers a broader set of products than any other software vendor, sells in virtually every country, and deals with customers of all sizes. A one-size-fits-all […]

When to change to an Oracle Enterprise Site license

We often get asked by clients, when is a good time to go to an Enterprise Site License versus staying with Server or CPU licenses with Oracle? This answer is complex, as each business is different, but we suggest upgrading to the Enterprise Site License only when you can predict that your licensing needs are going to significantly change in the near term. Otherwise, stick with what you have. In most scenarios when licensing needs are going to require double […]

Two more victims of the BSA

We have been giving many examples of companies that had to shell out to vendors after being audited and caught by the BSA. Most of them have been overseas so it didn’t hit as close to home as these next two examples will: Mueller Services, Inc., of Tonawanda, NY paid $62,270 to settle claims that it had unlicensed copies of Adobe and Microsoft software installed on its computers. The tip came in through the BSA’s reporting website anonymously. Bankers Warranty […]

Sun-Oracle: Here’s how you could be affected?

The big Oracle acquisition that has The Street talking is none other than Sun Microsystems, Inc. The acquisition of Sun following on the heels of Oracle’s HP Oracle Database Machine last year signals a new era at Oracle – selling hardware. Despite the European Commission review of the Sun-Oracle deal, we believe that once the E.U. completes its investigation, it will rule in Oracle’s favor and the company will get its Sun business back on track. In the meantime, we […]

What do I do with unused licenses?

Many organizations purchase licensing for planning and development that don’t actually get used and were not needed in the first place. The question is, can they go back to the vendor and “return” them? The short answer is yes; the long answer however, is much more complicated. Going back to a vendor and requesting a credit for unused licenses isn’t out of the question, but most vendors will then push to re-negotiate their contract, which could lead to unforeseen costs, […]

See, even the government is doing it!

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has just revealed that as part of their efficiency review, they were able to save $89 million in software licensing fees by renegotiating contracts with Microsoft and Oracle. $89 million that can be used elsewhere.  Their IT budget in 2009 was $6.2 billion. How did they do it? According to InformationWeek “The agency consolidated 487,000 licenses into a blanket software-and-maintenance agreement with Microsoft at a savings (or “cost avoidance”) of $87.5 million over the […]

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