Month: February 2013

Office 365 for Consumers: What You Need to Know

Although Microsoft Office 365 for businesses isn’t out until later this month – the consumer version – Home Premium – is available now. How does that affect your business? Well, any employee who has Home Premium (which includes Outlook and Access), and uses a computer with this version installed, that connects to corporate email or databases, is misusing the license. The Home Premium license does not cover these instances. Specifically, it says” Only one person at a time may use […]

Software Assurance Tip #3

There is no truth to the rumor that terminating an Enterprise Agreement and/or dropping Software Assurance results in a Microsoft audit. It does, however, spotlight the company in the eyes of the rep who will have likely lost a considerable amount of compensation because of it. Humans are humans, after all, and perhaps an internal flag is waved resulting in an audit. It’s a big “maybe,” but it looms large. What’s more, the replacement rep will have the record of […]

Software Assurance Tip #1

Software Assurance is typically thought of as the ability to upgrade. This is true, but it’s definitely not the whole story. Microsoft continues to evolve Software Assurance. Among the more famous examples: a) Desktop virtualization for which a Virtual Desktop Access license is not required if the Desktop O/S is covered by Software Assurance; and, b) SQL Server “trade-in” wherein Software Assurance-covered licenses of SQL Server 2008 R2 are exchanged for the equivalent number of SQL Server 2012 licenses (which […]

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