Month: October 2008

We’re Gonna Getcha, Sucka!

We are always talking on this blog about the BSA and the importance of software licensing compliance.  Most people (you can substitute the word “people” with “company”) probably think that this is something that would never happen to them, shrug it off, and continue on as usual. Well, here is $50,000 reason to change your mind. Nels Consulting Services Inc., a 65-person office in Canada, was investigated by the BSA in September of last year over pirated MS and Autodesk […]

BSA hits Thailand

Ecotec – Economic and Technical Crimes Suppression Division – in Thailand has been urged to crackdown on software piracy by the BSA. It’s not just here in the states that audits are on the rise, but overseas companies are feeling it too. The crackdown will begin this month, and the organization will offer rewards up to 500,000 baht for tips of unlicensed software use. According to an IDC Study on the Economic Benefits of Reducing PC Software Piracy released in […]

No More SLP?

Microsoft has pulled the rug out from underneath their Software Licensing and Protection (SLP) Services Product. In the new age of bloggers and social media, how they thought they would keep this a secret is beyond me! A ZDNet reader sent in a tip after clicking on the link to purchase the product from Microsoft and got the following message: “We appreciate your interest in SLP Services, however we are currently not taking any new orders at this time. Current […]

Microsoft to WaMu – Pay Up!

Even Microsoft is worried about getting their bills paid these days. The company, who negotiated a $40 million software licensing agreement with WaMu back in 2007, has asked to be kept informed of the company’s bankruptcy filing in an attempt to make good on the contracts. Along with dozens of other vendors, Microsoft is hoping to get paid, but it’s likely they will not in this case. Even Microsoft is hurting – I even heard that Bill Gates himself has […]

Mitigating Factors in Software Licensing

Similar to investing in the financial markets, mitigating software licensing risk is about gathering information. Here are 5 quick guidelines that will help: 1- Create a repository where vendor information is stored. Make certain that this includes a comprehensive database of what software is currently installed and where; how many competitive vendors are currently being used and all the paper work. 2- Identify any unsupported software. Costs for emergency updates or repairs to unsupported software can be very high. 3- […]

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