Month: August 2011

Vulnerability of your..Voicemail?

Yup, another target for hackers – voicemail. It falls pretty low on the totem pole of items to secure, and leaves many vulnerabilities for that reason. For example, a mobile phone will rarely ask you for a password when you call from your own phone – what happens if you lose it? Anyone who picks it up can dial in and listen to your messages. eSecurityPlanet’s Robert McGarvey recently wrote an interesting piece on the subject which offers tips for […]

Oracle stack factor: Wow factor benefits for Exadata & Exalogic

I don’t want to sound like a cheerleader for Oracle, but after looking at some comparative benchmark tests, the competition just can’t stack up (pun intended). While not everything is perfect, the power and precision of Oracle’s Exadata and Exalogic is worth at least a peek (especially those out there seeking to cut real estate and costs at the data center). While the prices may be a little daunting, the benefits have caused a major “wow” factor. Mid-tier organizations should pay […]

Security Breaches – How Bad Are They?

We have all heard about the recent security breaches – Sony, Amazon, LastPass – but the question is, what is the cost of those breaches? Aside from embarrassment – how bad is it for the company. Here is a breakdown of the various costs associated with a breach: Fixing what’s broken – strengthening existing IT security to prevent another breach Replacement – if physical items were stolen Credit monitoring – anyone affected by the breach will be vulnerable to identity […]

How to Avoid a Giant Security Breach

Security breaches are bad news, for everyone involved. Some companies don’t come back from them – others take years to gain their reputation back, not to mention the huge costs of upgrading the network to prevent it from happening again. Miro’s security expert Sam Alapati just published a Front IT Blog on ITInsideronline about preventing such a breach. He offers some really simple, yet important, tips for securing your organization. Check it out!

Enterprise IT is from Venus; software vendors are from Mars

To quote Jonathan Feldman of InformationWeek: “Enterprise IT is from Venus; software vendors are from Mars.” This statement should be funny, but unfortunately it’s all to true to be laughable. Jonathan recently wrote a great piece about how licensing changes happen without notice and often without making much sense. Microsoft and VMWare are the vendors in particular called out in this instance, both with bad track records for making confusing and frequent changes to their licensing. He makes some interesting […]

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