Month: October 2009

Big problems with licensing in the UK

Businesses in the U.S. aren’t the only ones suffering, according to a new study, less than half of UK businesses believe their software is correctly licensed. An overwhelming 71% of those businesses admitted to having licensing problems in the past. A further look at the respondents showed that 26% were over-licensed, 12% were under-licensed and the remaining 13% were unaware. The study asked over 100 IT directors in the UK about their software licensing. The results are quite eye-opening and […]

Why you need SAM

Software Asset Management is an important aspect of business operations, but some management teams are apprehensive about making a change either because they fear unexpected costs from implementation or the inability to understand that SAM will save them money over time. The three main business drivers for SAM (for those of you who need some convincing) are: Cost Control: Unless you know where and how your software assets are deployed, you cannot use them optimally. Software assets are called “assets” […]

Have you seen us lately?

We’ve been included in some great articles in the media lately. Not that the articles are great because we’re in them, but because the articles are worth the read (with or without our commentary). They are very helpful pieces about licensing, virtualization and of course audits that are a good read! Enjoy! PC World – October 08, 2009 Does Microsoft Complicate Its Licensing on Purpose? Federal Computer Week – September 21, 2009 5 traps that can spoil virtualization savings PC […]

Ballmer admits flaws in MS licensing, no change in sight

At a recent event in London, Steve Ballmer was asked about Microsoft’s complex licensing policies to which he acknowledged that yes, Microsoft licensing isn’t simple, never has been and probably never will be. So, is there a chance for changes in the near future? Nope, of course not!  Ballmer even bolded stated that it just isn’t going to happen. So, here’s our advice to combat this. Start paying attention to the fine print. Look at your terms and conditions. Be […]

Starting from scratch

One of the most complicated aspects of negotiating a software licensing contract is when an organization has no precedent to follow. Perhaps they are purchasing volume licensing for the first time, or working with a new vendor, but when there is nothing to go by, the process is all that more complicated. To add to this, vendors have non-disclosure agreements, preventing customers from discussing pricing with others. Therefore, you won’t find out about pricing until you are actually seated at […]

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