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Scott D. Rosenberg

President & CEO

Scott Rosenberg is responsible for creating and driving the vision of Miro Consulting, which he founded in August 2000. With more than 25 years of engineering and operations experience, Mr. Rosenberg’s leadership has fostered significant company growth. Today, Miro Consulting has over 500+ clients across North America and has overseen more than $1.5 billion in Oracle and Microsoft transactions.

Prior to Miro Consulting, Mr. Rosenberg was a founding principal and driving force behind Cintra, a highly successful Oracle consulting company with over $20 million in revenues.

Frequently quoted by media outlets such as Computerworld, CIO and InformationWeek, Mr. Rosenberg is considered an expert in Oracle licensing and software asset management as well as Microsoft licensing. He also regularly contributes articles to industry publications such as Baseline, CIO Insights and SearchOracle and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences including SAM Summit and International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM) ACE. Mr. Rosenberg is also an active member of IAITAM and is a Certified Software Asset Manager (CSAM). He was recognized as a finalist in the Ernst & Young’s prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year® New Jersey program several years in a row. Mr. Rosenberg currently serves on the Screening Committee of the Soundboard Angel Fund, L.P.

Mr. Rosenberg earned an Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

Mr. Rosenberg currently resides in Fort Lee, NJ. He holds a black belt (first Dan) in the Korean martial art, Tae Kwon Do, and is avid follower of the principles of the late business guru and father of modern management, Peter F. Drucker.


Eliot Arlo Colon

Senior Vice President

Eliot Arlo Colon, one of the foremost experts on Oracle software licensing and cloud subscription, is responsible for the creation and ongoing development of Oracle software licensing and cloud subscription asset management services for Miro. With more than 30 years’ experience, Mr. Colon has assisted scores of companies with the configuration, negotiation and management of Oracle software licensing and cloud subscription contracts.

Mr. Colon is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. He is an active member of IAITAM and is a Certified Software Asset Manager (CSAM). He was also honored as a finalist in Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year(r) New Jersey program.

Mr. Colon holds a degree in Business from Middlesex College and a degree in Finance from Rowan University.

An avid supporter of the Arts, Education and local non-profit charities, Mr. Colon co-founded, I.F.C. United, a non-profit charity, as well as former President of the Brielle Board of Education, former Chairman of Algonquin Arts Theatre in Manasquan, NJ and former President of Brielle Education Foundation. Mr. Colon was a 2017 candidate for New Jersey State Assembly. Mr. Colon resides in Brielle, N.J. and married to Lorene Colon with two teenage sons, Alexander and Daniel, who each play competitive tennis.


Wayne Federico

Chief Operating Officer

Wayne Federico manages the technology and develops processes to support Miro Consulting’s services. With nearly 20 years of project management and IT consulting experience, he works closely with CIOs and directors of IT from mid-sized and Fortune 1000 companies to align their IT needs with their business strategies.

Previously, Mr. Federico served as the Director of Technical Services for Spherion, where he helped to increase revenues by an estimated 20% year over year. He managed over 20 vendor partnerships including Microsoft, Cisco and Novell. During his time with Spherion, Mr. Federico was recognized with an award for “Responsiveness and Ability to Deliver,” and the President’s Award for “Outstanding performance in the operational support of the organization’s objectives.”

Mr. Federico holds a degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.

Shawn Donohue

Vice President of Marketing

Shawn Donohue is a New York City based marketing technologist with significant experience in enhancing sales, bringing in leads and generating revenue in B2B, B2C and Education Industry markets. Prior to joining Miro Consulting, Shawn was the head of marketing at the International Business Times and Newsweek magazine.  He graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Telecommunications.

Kevin Rodick

VP, Finance and Administration

Kevin Rodick is responsible for the overall financial planning and budget development of Miro Consulting including the administration of client budgets; fiscal analysis and planning; financial reporting and forecasting; contract administration; vendor management; and assisting the CEO in capital planning.

Mr. Rodick brings three decades of diversified financial and operations experience to Miro Consulting. Most recently, he was a Project Manager for Henkels & McCoy Hawaii office, where he secured, managed and was responsible for financial reporting and administration of multiple large (multi $ million) renewable energy projects. In this capacity Mr. Rodick negotiated large settlements for suspended/cancelled projects. Previously, Mr. Rodick specialized in private investment of renewable energy and functioned as the Director of Finance and International Operations for a privately held manufacturer of consumer products where his responsibilities included financial budgeting and reporting, banking relationships and cash management. Mr. Rodick began his career with Arthur Young.

Mr. Rodick earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Rutgers College and an MBA from Rutgers Graduate School of Management. He also has successfully completed and integrated Leadership training from accredited organizations designed to boost performance with implementation of team-oriented cultures.

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