Month: May 2009

Details, details, details…

Without a comprehensive and effective Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place when purchasing hardware or software, your investment runs the risk of being ineffective, and/or costing more than originally planned. The key to a successful SLA is all about the details. The four components of an SLA should be: Description: A descriptive overview of the task at hand Target/Deadline: When the project/term is complete and what should have been completed at this point Measurement: How you will measure against the […]

Microsoft and Linux Foundation playing nice in the sandbox?

Microsoft and the Linux Foundation have recently teamed up against the American Law Institute (ALI). These two parties, who have a reputation of always being on opposite sides, have joined forces and sent a joint letter to the ALI regarding their concerns with the group’s draft Principles of the Law of Software Contracts. They both believe the new Principles will do more harm than good and should be revised. Their main concern is a non-disclaimable “implied warranty of no material […]

Good time for companies to consider reviewing SLAs

The ending of a financial quarter or year-end have been traditionally good times to review and re-up software licensing agreements. Though not always the case, it is still a time when many SLAs are reviewed and discussed between the corporate enterprise and the software vendor. Dependent on the degree of concessions and “value-add” placed into your contract, the timing will make a difference. We’ve been encouraging many of our clients to begin reviewing their Oracle and Microsoft assets and SLAs now so that any contract […]

Incident Server Support – Going, Going, Gone!

Incident Server Support will no longer be offered for purchase by Oracle starting with the next Oracle fiscal year. However, clients will be able to renew packages already in place, but no new support contracts will be written after this June. While Incident Server Support does not replace a comprehensive support and maintenance program or include updates, it does offer an alternative, cost effective solution for technical support. It is available only in conjunction with the Premier Support for Oracle […]

7 reasons to take contract lifecycle management seriously

If you’re saying “huh?”, that’s not a good sign. Contract lifecycle management – similar in nature to software asset management and is, in fact, part of SAM – is the practice of managing a software license agreement contract from initiation through award to compliance and renewal. You need a good system in place to ensure that deliverables and milestones are reached based on contractual obligations. By having a solid process in place – whether you partner with an expert matter consultancy or […]

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