Month: March 2017

This Type of Hybrid Environment Just Got Dangerous

UK judge rules in favor of SAP against Diageo’s PLC for using a standard cloud connection Background Diageo PLC is the world’s largest producer of alcoholic spirits, with brands like Smirnoff and Johnny Walker. They paid SAP about $70M for use of the mySAP Business Suite, which included licensing and maintenance fees. SAP had sued Diageo for violations of the contract, and a UK judge decided the case in SAP’s favor, awarding SAP an additional $67M, essentially doubling Diageo’s costs. […]

The 7 Most Common Oracle Support Management Mistakes

Managing Oracle Support contracts is costing your organization time and resources that may be better spent elsewhere. 1. Overpayment of fees It’s easy to accidentally over pay for support fees if each line item isn’t carefully reviewed. Errors can be made in the costs from year to year. To avoid overpaying, organizations must meticulously check every detail of the contract. 2. Submitting incorrect contracts There is no verification when uploading POs. This can lead to accidentally renewing a contract which […]

AWS Cloud Crash Shows Why Some IT Assets Should Stay On-Premise

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud located in the company’s Virginia data center crashed on February 28, 2017, causing many of the largest sites and apps on the internet to slow or stop working entirely.  Amazon referred to the incident as an “increased error rate” at the time and has now traced the issue to a mistyped command by an Amazon employee. The outage highlights what many cloud vendors don’t want their clients to know, that some assets are actually […]

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