The 7 Most Common Oracle Support Management Mistakes

Managing Oracle Support contracts is costing your organization time and resources that may be better spent elsewhere.

1. Overpayment of fees

It’s easy to accidentally over pay for support fees if each line item isn’t carefully reviewed. Errors can be made in the costs from year to year. To avoid overpaying, organizations must meticulously check every detail of the contract.

2. Submitting incorrect contracts

There is no verification when uploading POs. This can lead to accidentally renewing a contract which needs revision. Organizations should carefully review all POs and contracts before anything is renewed to assure they are properly submitted.

3. Contract termination due to missed support renewal dates

Missing a renewal date can cause major issues and come with significant costs for an organization. Oracle can terminate contracts if they are not renewed in time. There are costly penalties to clients in the form of reinstatement fees. It is vital for IT asset management teams to assure contracts are renewed in a timely manner, or contract outside experts to manage the process.

4. Missed opportunities for additional discounts, migration and upgrades

Clients often miss opportunities for upgrades, migrations, and/or bundling discounts. Experts like Miro can review and inform clients of options available prior to renewal.

5. Inefficient contract management

It is very difficult to manage 20-30 support contracts with sporadic due dates. Miro can customize the renewals and renewal invoices for our clients to align contracts to a singular, or multiple due dates to assure contracts are managed efficiently and easily. Miro can also assist with charge backs given our ability to bundle or un-bundle line items from renewals.

6. Missing cost allocation

It can be difficult to allocate costs to specific departments, especially if the multiple departments have pulled funds and purchased licenses at a single point in time. Miro can identify and customize renewals so clients can easily allocate renewal costs to the proper departments.

7. Not evaluating 3rd party support options or possible cloud options

Many clients are unaware there are companies offering third party support. These companies usually offer support at a much lower cost than Oracle and generally offer a higher level of customer service. The drawback is you lose the rights to bug fixes, upgrades, etc. There are also opportunities to upgrade to cloud offerings that can capitalize on your on-premise investment.

Miro can prevent these common mistakes.

Leveraging 17 years of experience solving Oracle Support issues, we may turn your Oracle Support renewals from an expensive hassle to an easy turn-key operation. We handle everything including contract preparation, negotiation and cost allocation.

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