Large Manufacturer Engages Miro for Managed Services to track licensing and ensure compliance

  • The company engaged Miro for Oracle Managed Services to track their software/hardware licensing and ensure compliance.
  • Miro advised the company that the payments functionality for their EBS (E-Business Suite) was not included in their current licensing. Miro suggested a migration from Concurrent Device to Application User to properly acquire this functionality for the cost of $354,600.
  • By utilizing Miro’s Oracle Managed Services, the changes were completed with cost savings of 40%.

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The company was facing a few challenges prior to enlisting Miro for Managed Services. The previous database team had recently left the company so Miro and the new team needed to get acquainted and up to date. While engaging in this process, Miro discovered that the company was planning to utilize E-Business Suite’s payments functionality, however it was not covered under the current contract which was a couple decades old.

The company was licensed with Concurrent Device, which is a legacy metric that has been discontinued by Oracle back in 1999. By migrating to the current metric, Application User, the company would be able to use this license based on the latest technology, updates and benefits, including the payments functionality. Miro provided a thorough explanation allowing the company to make an informed decision to migrate from Concurrent Device to Application User.

In addition, another aspect of Miro’s Managed Services is Strategy Planning Sessions, which allow the company to provide details on anticipated changes in business and IT initiatives. With this knowledge, the Miro Analyst team has a better understanding of the future needs of the company and can offer direction to ensure the company remains compliant with their software and hardware licensing.

While the significant cost of $354,600 for the migration was sizable for the company, Miro provided additional savings by the introduction of a KVM solution that avoids licensing the bulk of the servers under VMware which totaled $646,200. In the end, the cost mitigated by Miro Consulting for licensing and contracts with Oracle resulted in a 40% savings for the company.

The value Miro provided via the migration and KVM solution led to the company to engage Miro for another 3 years of Managed Services.

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