Publicly Owned Electricity Supplier Saves 34% on AWS Costs with Miro Consulting

Publicly Owned Electricity Supplier Saves 34% on AWS Costs with Miro Consulting

  • They’d already tried to find DIY savings for their AWS usage but failed to find any significant ways to cut costs
  • AWS internal cost control mechanisms showed how they were spending money, but not how to save on those costs
  • Miro’s solution found significant cost savings without the need to connect any tools or spend any significant amount of time

The organization was spending more money than it wanted to on AWS.  Migrating their workloads to the AWS cloud had been pitched to them as a way to save on costs over their current on-premise environment, but those cost savings were proving elusive.  As per the AWS team leader, “For every dollar we saved, we were spending two more on costs we’d never expected, like additional internet costs for moving so much data back and forth from our locations to the cloud and back. The Miro team had helped us save on our Oracle and Microsoft costs already, so we felt confident that they were the best experts to help us save on our AWS costs as well.”

There were two big reasons the organization was struggling with reigning in their AWS costs.  First, their cybersecurity rules didn’t allow them to connect any kind of tool to their AWS account, and even if they could, they couldn’t afford the lengthy subscriptions they came with.  Second, their DIY efforts at finding savings on their own using the internal AWS tools had proved mostly ineffective.  The organization’s AWS leader told Miro, “My finance team was pushing us to lower costs across the board, but our own internal efforts failed to find any significant savings, and everyone we talked to just wanted to sell us some kind of tool that would cost more money, not less, with no guarantee of savings after paying for it and setting it up.”

What makes Miro’s AWS cost savings service different than the rest is that Miro’s expert AWS analysts use proprietary tools that do NOT need to connect to the client’s AWS account.  Instead, the Miro solution only requires the export and delivery of a single file from the AWS backend, which is then run through a proprietary cost-savings analysis engine to find every possible option to achieve savings.  The organization’s IT leader described it this way, “All I had to do is export one file from the AWS backend and send it to Miro.  It took my team less than 5 minutes and required zero AWS expertise.”

While Miro wasn’t able to find cost savings on all 35 different AWS products the organization was using, it was able to find significant cost savings in the areas where they were spending the most, which amounted to a total of 34% of their current spend.  Best of all, these solutions were easy to implement and would reduce costs instantly, without the need to wait for a contract renewal far off in the future.

The IT team leader commented about the report, “We got a clearly labeled and color-coded report back from Miro on all the places where we could save money, with each option rated for how easy or difficult it was to implement.  The bulk of our cost savings options were green, meaning easy to implement.  We knocked out most of those green items in the first day if not the first hour.  None of them required any reduction in our usage or limited the features available.”

The cost savings measures took effect within an hour of being made, and sometimes within a minute.  The total savings achieved by the organization was 34%, which amounted to a significant portion of their total cloud spend.

If you’d like to save on your AWS costs without having to commit to a subscription for a tool that costs more money and time to set up, contact Miro for an AWS cost savings alternative that is easy and creates no security risks for your organization.

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