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Oracle Audit Advisory

Oracle remains among the top five vendors for software audits, along with Microsoft and IBM. In this whitepaper we will provide a step-by-step process for Oracle Audit management, but first we will address some of the most common questions concerning Oracle software audits.

It often comes as a complete surprise when senior executives receive official audit letters from Oracle. Without the right expertise, it’s difficult to understand the causes, effects, and proper ways to respond. To ensure the best possible outcome, it’s highly critical to contact a software license management expert before answering the audit letter.

This whitepaper can help serve as a guide to the process, and help to prevent critical mistakes from being made.

This brief white paper includes:

  • The reasons why Oracle audits
  • Managing your Oracle audit

The three primary causes for being audited by Oracle:

  • Business changes like recent mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, geographic growth, and/or lack of recent significant purchase activity, etc.
  • Someone internal accidentally triggered the audit with inquiries to Oracle about a complex licensing issue, discontinuance of a licensing agreement, etc.
  • Someone at the customer’s organization actually asked Oracle for a license review

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