Month: March 2022

Real-time Analytics

Relational databases have existed almost 50 years since IBM’s System R was built as a research project in San Jose. The Postgres research at UC Berkeley then added object concepts to relational databases. The still-popular open-source product, PostgreSQL, is an example of how powerful and relevant object-relational database management systems (ORDBMS) are. Other examples are Oracle Database, about to celebrate its 45th anniversary, along with Informix, IBM DB2, and Microsoft SQL Server. But relational databases are not suited to handle […]

Large Public Utility Saves 41% on their AWS bill

Miro worked with the IT Director Ken McKenzie at SMECO (Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative) which serves approximately 161,000 customers, to lower their AWS bill, controlling their spending, and optimizing the organization’s cloud environment. The organization uses AWS as a Dev / Test environment for upgrades, patches and security fixes for its environment. Here’s how he describes it. “AWS is a lot less expensive than maintaining servers on-prem. If I want to spin up something on-prem, it takes 10 days, and […]

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