Monthly Archives: February 2010

Reinstatement, renewal and the benefits

Today, mergers and acquisitions are as common as marriages or people setting up households together, and may present unfounded opportunities for lowering your Oracle support stream and uncovering more favorable terms and conditions. Reinstating terminated support. When a company takes

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Enterprise agreement: What should “getting the best deal” really mean?

The name of the game with any software licensing agreement is to get the best deal, but most executives equate this to discount. And, while we love discount, you always have to look at the longer term pitfalls or benefits.

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Video: Do you want Microsoft Software Assurance?

Do you want or need Microsoft’s Software Assurance? A couple of basics of why or why not, and how an external party can help. Less than 15 seconds of a very unpainful “sell”, but some basic and very useful information

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