Month: March 2008

Concurrent Device licensing: A valuable asset or an asset past its time?

With respect to Oracle software licensing, Concurrent Device licensing is generally defined as the maximum number of input devices accessing a program at a given point in time. If multiplexing hardware or software is used, this number must be measured at the multiplexing front-end. What does this mean for customers licensed in a Concurrent Device model? With the Concurrent Device metric, Oracle counts the source and use of data. Automated batching of imported as well as exported data would increase […]

Are consultants needed to negotiate enterprise software licensing?

Of course we’re going to say yes as Miro Consulting helps negotiate Oracle software licensing (and Microsoft too!).  But, we’ll try to be a bit more methodical about why you should hire an outside pro to help with license negotiation and software asset management. Remember that having a C-level executive – the CIO – devoted solely to IT is relatively new for businesses.  The last 7 or 8 years has seen an explosion of CIO titles.  But, nevertheless, the CIO […]

A rare look inside an Oracle software licensing negotiation

A European bank (not named) negotiated its Oracle software licensing.  According to Forrester, the bank approached Oracle with best practice in “how to negotiate” with the multimillion-dollar Oracle database vendor.  Typically, Oracle licensing and maintenance contracts are complex and can be costly.   One of the main issues: Oracle and many software companies typically include clauses in their software license agreement to remove any liability from any negative business-related events related to the software.  The financial institution needed more assurance.  CIO […]

Week in Review (Around the World): Software Licensing and Compliance

In the News This Week ·    CIO How a European Bank Got Oracle to Surrender Key Software Licensing… ·    CNN Money Virtualization Real Issue For Software Licensing/ ·   ComputerWeekly Court ruling strengthens UK patents on software It follows an appeal case brought by software licensing company, Symbian, after a patent application was rejected by the Intellectual Property Office. ·   Trusted Views Microsoft Licenses Adobe Flash For Windows Mobile ·   WebProNews Enterprise Software Up Google’s Alley?

Remember: Mobile Devices Get Adobe & Is Subject to Software Licensing Too

Here is an interesting news item – Microsoft has licensed Adobe Flash Lite, specifically designed for mobile devices. They have also licensed Adobe Reader LE Software for viewing web content and email attachments. For those of you following the company’s plans – they had announced earlier this month that they would be releasing a rival to the Adobe product. Interesting turn of events. What does this mean in terms of licensing? Even your mobile phones can play a part in […]

Week in Review (Around the World): Software Licensing and Compliance

In the News This Week · BizJournals.com Former Quovadx execs agree to SEC fines The SEC alleged the two in 2003 orchestrated “the fraudulent recognition of over $12 million in software licensing revenue” by Greenwood Village-based … · ComputerWeekly.com CIOs in strong position to help businesses fight slowdown … which carry the double costs of migrating away from the custom code, and the software licensing costs of the migration tools themselves…. · CNN.com Red Hat adds top intellectual property lawyers […]

Loop hole – Discount-Licensing continues reselling Microsoft licenses…

I came across this really interesting piece from Zdnet.com about a company called Discount-Licensing.com that has continued to sell second hand software, after Microsoft attempted to squash them. They apparently found a loophole within Microsoft’s licensing agreements and are able to offer a variety of Microsoft products. Although Microsoft made a change in October 2007, software licenses with the previous terms (disused licenses purchased before October 2007) can still be sold by the company. Microsoft has yet to respond to […]

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