Are consultants needed to negotiate enterprise software licensing?

Of course we’re going to say yes as Miro Consulting helps negotiate Oracle software licensing (and Microsoft too!).  But, we’ll try to be a bit more methodical about why you should hire an outside pro to help with license negotiation and software asset management.

Remember that having a C-level executive – the CIO – devoted solely to IT is relatively new for businesses.  The last 7 or 8 years has seen an explosion of CIO titles.  But, nevertheless, the CIO function at the executive level is here and here to stay (as long as the world runs on software).

Also, keep in mind that 80% of the annual CIO budget is dedicated to vendor fees and contracts.  That’s a major justification for paying attention to software licensing. 

Why hire a consultant to help with your Oracle licensing (or even with Microsoft licensing)?

·    Unless you are laser-focused on the changing rules of a software vendor, there is no way an internal IT person(s) could keep up with them. It’s doubtful that a company will dedicate one person to just manage and follow software licensing changes.

·      An outside consultant has a team of people to follow Oracle licensing changes or alterations to Microsoft software changes. In fact, Microsoft has a 100-page manual for its enterprise users just to understand the basics of software licensing.

·    Consultants consistently deal with vendors during the contract renewal or purchasing period. They do this constantly and have practical, up-to-date knowledge on what works and what doesn’t. Remember: Licensing is complex and much of what works depends not only on what is written in the contract, but the environment of the company (each having its own unique business and IT environment….bringing new complexities into the mix).

Our next blog: How to select a consultant.

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