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Microsoft Vista Loophole Hoopla

The big enterprise software licensing news last week came from the sensational story It’s official: upgrade hack included in Vista SP1 by Scott Dunn.  It’s hard to say if this is truly responsible journalism or now, but the story definitely has legs. Granted…software licensing is complex and can be difficult to interpret based on the ever-changing rules, but that’s no reason why these “Microsoft Windows experts” should purposely write a story that’s not quite accurate.   Dunn claims that there […]

Are consultants needed to negotiate enterprise software licensing?

Of course we’re going to say yes as Miro Consulting helps negotiate Oracle software licensing (and Microsoft too!).  But, we’ll try to be a bit more methodical about why you should hire an outside pro to help with license negotiation and software asset management. Remember that having a C-level executive – the CIO – devoted solely to IT is relatively new for businesses.  The last 7 or 8 years has seen an explosion of CIO titles.  But, nevertheless, the CIO […]

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