Monthly Archives: January 2015

IBM licensing and eligibility for sub-capacity licensing

IBM is a leading expert with partitioning and server virtualization technologies. They recognize non-IBM technology also, like VMWare, as a way to meet the demand for flexibility. They introduced subcapacity licensing in 2005 as a tool to assist customers in maintaining compliance in a dynamic environment

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PVU licensing for DR with IBM DB2

Some vendors and products need fully licensed Disaster Recovery. Not so with PVU licensing for IBM’s DB2. I’ll explain, but first let me explain IBM-speak regarding DR servers. The IBM Software Group describes servers as Hot, Warm, and Cold, and those terms have been adopted where DB2 is installed.

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Microsoft Windows 10 truly mobile: Optimism as a renewable resource

Microsoft’s Windows 10 launch is Microsoft’s continued evolution away from the Ballmer era under Satya Nadella. Given Nadella’s cloud and R&D background, he is making a push toward the consumer space, possibly as the re-making of Microsoft given its flagging enterprise sales.

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