Microsoft Windows 10 truly mobile: Optimism as a renewable resource

Microsoft is making good on its move into mobile after its acquisition of Nokia. The company continues to move towards the present as it bolts into true mobility. Today’s NY Times article – Microsoft Looks to Windows 10 for a Jolt in the Mobile Realm shows Microsoft’s continued evolution away from the Ballmer era under Satya Nadella and the new, very relevant Windows 10. Given his cloud and R&D background, he is making a push toward the consumer space, possibly as the re-making of Microsoft given its flagging enterprise sales.

The article notes that people don’t buy iPhones or Androids for the apps, but apps are a huge part of the reason they do buy them. Microsoft has over 500,000 apps (according to the company) versus the millions for iPhone and Android. More importantly, Microsoft’s suite lacks apps like Snapchat. Microsoft was way too early in the cell phone industry and then way too late. In the meantime, its competitors timed their pounce just right and now Microsoft finds itself playing catch-up from an appreciable distance.

Nonetheless, I think they’re on the right track. Nadella has quickly realized that the same ol’, same ol’ won’t work anymore. And he’s working to change things.

It would be foolish of us not to point out – you still have to pay attention to mobile licensing. Mobile licenses in conjunction with the enterprise can get complex.


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