Month: March 2020

Oracle’s E-Business Suite On Premise vs in the Cloud

You may be one of Oracle Applications customers pondering an internal question on future direction for your E-Business Suite investment. Upgrade to newer release on premise or go to Cloud? Oracle Cloud or third-party Cloud? Here are some points to consider when making these decisions: E-Business Suite – On Premise: Oracle had stated many times in the past they were dedicated to Applications Unlimited concept and they still are. It was Oracle’s pledge to continue upgrading, supporting and innovating their […]

Application Modernization

As mentioned in earlier blog posts I have written, modernizing applications in addition to creating new cloud-native applications is the underlying reason that cloud-computing, containers, and IBM/Red Hat are relevant. While chanting the ‘cloud first’ mantra, consider your strategy to adapt and migrate existing applications to the cloud also.  This is the ideal time to modernize these, especially with hybrid cloud or multiple cloud vendors. Rather than migrating to a specific service or one with poor integration that will hamper […]

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