Author: Renata Hajduga

Oracle Introduces Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Support Credit Rewards

Oracle has announced that its clients will get a 25% to 33% discount on support fees for using Oracle Cloud Larry Ellison announced the Oracle Support Rewards program for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure clients.  For every dollar that clients spend on OCI, they receive a 25 cent or 33 cent credit towards their On-Premise support costs. The 33% discount is for ULA customers The 25% discount is for most other customers For example, if an organization spends $100,000 on Oracle Cloud Credits, […]

How Oracle Licensing Is Affected By Current Business / Industry / Technology Changes

Now more than ever decision makers are faced with difficult choices. A number of factors may be affecting your business, including loss of revenue due to pandemic, shift to remote collaboration, pressure to move to the Cloud, and striving to stay on top of industry and technology changes. Most of these decisions would likely have software licensing implications. Here are a few examples: Move to the Cloud: When choosing between on-premise, hardware hosting provider or Cloud platform, a proper comparison […]

Oracle’s E-Business Suite On Premise vs in the Cloud

You may be one of Oracle Applications customers pondering an internal question on future direction for your E-Business Suite investment. Upgrade to newer release on premise or go to Cloud? Oracle Cloud or third-party Cloud? Here are some points to consider when making these decisions: E-Business Suite – On Premise: Oracle had stated many times in the past they were dedicated to Applications Unlimited concept and they still are. It was Oracle’s pledge to continue upgrading, supporting and innovating their […]

Oracle waives extended support fees for some databases

Oracle has recently started sending emails to certain clients regarding extended support fees being waived.  The emails state that if the database meets the following conditions, it will be eligible for the waiver. Oracle clients who qualify must request the extended support waiver from Oracle. Application Requirements: Database releases 11.2 or 12.1 Database is being used to support Oracle E-Business Suite applications The organization must contact Oracle and provide all CSI numbers, quantity and versions of these database licenses Timelines: […]

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