Month: October 2008

Ellison’s New “Pet Project” with HP

Oracle is getting into the hardware game with Hewlett-Packard.  Introduced at Oracle OpenWorld, The HP Oracle Database Machine and the HP Oracle Exadata Programmable Storage Server are an advanced database server and a programmable storage server, respectively). Both products address the issue of speed, specifically data transfer rates. Traditionally, servers begin to slow its transfer rates as the database exceeds the 1 terabyte size.  And, as more data is stored, the speed exponentially decreases until it comes to a near […]

Quick Byte: Oracle Licensing Tip #9

During the procurement process – whether it’s Oracle or another software vendor – it’s not about the discount you negotiate, it’s about HOW and WHAT you purchase. If you don’t ask the right questions, you’ll spend more.  And, that’s not Oracle’s problem.  It’s yours. The reason for enterprise software varies with each enterprise.  Therefore, it’s no surprise that your software investment may be vastly different from the one your direct competitor just made.  However, don’t rely on your Oracle sales […]

Piracy Hurts Everyone

Software piracy is not just about downloading illegal software, getting it “for free” from a friend or installing counterfeit software. It’s more than that. Piracy is about stealing intellectual property. And, software licensing at the enterprise level – though called “compliance” – is a form of piracy. Though in the case of enterprise software, it’s more than likely that the non-compliance is not deliberate. This Microsoft video is overly dramatic, but well done.

Quick Byte: Oracle Licensing Tip #8

Our mantra has always been “You can’t manage what you don’t know.” Now, I didn’t say that.  It was Peter Drucker.  But, it’s no less true and, in fact, it’s definitely spot-on when it comes to Oracle software asset management. Compliance is the name of the game to cost savings.  It’s not about the large discount you receive from Oracle or any software vendor during a negotiation process. As the IT executive put in charge of procurement or (re-) negotiation […]

The 3 Licensing Models for Oracle Applications

Oracle offers 3 licensing models for its installed applications to fit the unique needs of each organization: component pricing, custom applications suite pricing and enterprise pricing. Having different licensing models allow organizations to select the best combination for their operations.  Not all products are available within each of the pricing models due to the Terms, Conditions and application features. Oracle’s component pricing model is an a la carte pricing model that caters to customers with a limited number of users. […]

Select Plus is officially here!

It seems like forever – but in late August we blogged about Microsoft’s new volume licensing plan – Select Plus and..drum roll please…its finally here! Beginning today, enterprises can take advantage of the new licensing plan which does not require organizations to estimate in advance how many licenses they will need each year – which can be a big advantage for companies that are contionually changing. Select Plus also gives customers the option of buying Software Assurance but requires a […]

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