What do I do with unused licenses?

Many organizations purchase licensing for planning and development that don’t actually get used and were not needed in the first place. The question is, can they go back to the vendor and “return” them? The short answer is yes; the long answer however, is much more complicated.

Going back to a vendor and requesting a credit for unused licenses isn’t out of the question, but most vendors will then push to re-negotiate their contract, which could lead to unforeseen costs, and even open you up to an audit. You have to evaluate the loss versus what it could mean. If you go back to the vendor is the potential cost of an audit worth what those unused licenses cost you? Are you prepared for an audit? We suggest before approaching the vendor, do an internal audit and make sure that you are 100% compliant, even get outside help to be sure that you wouldn’t face fines if audited. Then, and only then, go back and try and re-negotiate your contract!

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