10 Oracle Cloud Mistakes to Avoid

10 Oracle Cloud Mistakes to Avoid

Oracle’s new cloud first strategy has forced many of its clients to seriously evaluate moving some of their estate off-premise and onto the cloud. There can be very attractive advantages to using the Oracle Cloud, but it’s critically important to avoid these mistakes in your decision making process. Here’s what you should avoid.

1. Buying Oracle Cloud Solely to Avoid or Settle an On Premise Oracle Licensing Audit

Be wary of buying Cloud products for the sole purpose of avoiding the start, or in settlement of, an Oracle LMS Audit. Buying under duress rarely produces a favorable outcome and typically pricing, terms and conditions, on these types of Cloud procurements, are deemed to be some of the worst and not soon after, regretted.

2. No Renewal Pricing

While the initial pricing can be attractive, it’s critically important to know renewal pricing when you sign the contract. Don’t assume that pricing will rise at a modest level and that initial ‘teaser rate’, may literally be just that, a ‘teaser rate’.

3. No Stated Pricing for Additional Quantities

Don’t assume pricing will remain the same if you need to order additional quantities of licenses after you sign your initial contract.

4. Missing Policy Terms

Standard Oracle agreements often leave out policy terms but instead of actual policy terms being included in the agreement, policy is noted as a link via URL. Review all policies linked by URL and determine if you want those to be included in your agreement.

5. Inaccurate Quote

Ensure all negotiated pricing, terms, conditions, definitions and examples are included in your ordering document or quote. ‘One out of three’ reviewed order document is missing an important price, term, condition or definition.

6. Overlooking the Hosting & Delivery Policies

The ‘H&DP document’ is a master file that contains six different policy documents that cover security, uptime, support, suspension and termination policies. Your organization may need to attempt to adjust/negotiate certain parts of these policies based on your business requirements.

7. Over-Purchasing Cloud Access

Don’t assume all cloud vendors count the same. If you are moving from one cloud vendor to another, or from one type of on-premise to Cloud, you may need varying quantities due to the way Oracle counts cores on its own cloud vs other vendor’s clouds. If, as an example, you are deploying Oracle assets into an Oracle cloud, you may need significantly less licenses than if you deployed in a non-Oracle cloud.

8. No Terms for Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

It’s vitally important to know how mergers, acquisitions and divestitures impact your license rights. These types of activities can cause an organization to lose rights to the licenses or subscriptions it’s purchased, or prevent it from transferring those licenses or subscriptions to new business entities.

9. Not Considering Oracle’s Cloud at All

Oracle’s cloud has features and pricing that can be ideal for many business applications. It’s definitely worth evaluating what Oracle Cloud services can benefit your organization, especially if you already own Oracle’s on-premise licenses given the lower cost for deploying those assets into the Oracle cloud.

10. Going it alone

The best way to evaluate an Oracle Cloud purchase is to work with experience licensing analysts like Miro, who can help you evaluate what products are cloud friendly and what may be better left on-premise. Also, like every other potential technology investment, the ‘devil is in the details’ and knowing your options can make all of the difference in making an education decision to move forward.

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