5 Unusual Ways to Save on Microsoft Licenses & Subscriptions

5 Unusual Ways to Save on Microsoft Licenses & Subscriptions You know the basics, but do you know these advanced strategies for saving on your Microsoft spend? Your organization could save hundreds of thousands of dollars by taking advantage of these special techniques and Microsoft programs, but only if you know what to ask for.

1. Independent Contract Review

When your contract is up for renewal, many organizations simply assume that there’s no need to review the details more than in the past. Unfortunately, a lack of diligence and oversight can result in significant and unnecessary over-spend. Making international headlines, the Dutch Police put in an accidental purchase order, and the courts ultimately determined that they were liable for the full cost of the multi-million-dollar mistake. Miro can do a last-minute double-check of your contracts, even if they’re due very soon, and make sure you’re getting everything you need and nothing extra.

2. True-Downs

We’ve all heard of “True-Ups,” the process where additional Microsoft licenses are purchased on an annual basis, but you can also “True-Down”. On your contract anniversary date, it’s possible to reduce your spending with Microsoft and pay for less subscriptions. For example, if your original contract had 250 subscriptions, and you later upgraded to 500, you can go back down to 250, but no lower than the original amount.

3. Core Grants

As Microsoft transitions from a “per-processor” to a “per-core” licensing model, there are opportunities to save on costs. For all servers with 16 cores or less, there is no price increase as Microsoft has made the cost of 16 Windows Server 2016 cores the same as the 2 processor Windows Server 2012 R2 license. If you have more than the standard 8 cores per server, Microsoft can give you a “core grant” so you won’t have to purchase additional licenses, but only under certain conditions. Contact Miro for details and requirements.

4. Azure Hybrid Use Benefit

You can save money on moving to the Microsoft Azure cloud through the Azure Hybrid Use Benefit. This allows you to move on-premise licenses to Azure, and you only pay the base compute rate, instead of the full price for new Windows Server virtual machines in Azure, which can be up to 41% savings.

5. Get BIF

Business Investment Funding (BIF) is a new Microsoft offering for select clients who don’t meet the infrastructure requirements for certain products like Office 356. BIF is essentially Microsoft providing money for things like upgrades to your company’s network, so that you can utilize their new cloud products. Miro has seen clients offered up to 20% cash back on their annual spend, which they can use for upgrades to their systems.

If you’d like to take advantage of these offers or want to learn more, it’s critically important that you do not call a Microsoft Reseller. They are obligated by contract to report any licensing shortfalls to Microsoft. Contact an independent non-reseller, like Miro, to get confidential advice on your Microsoft contracts and negotiations. You can also download our Microsoft Licensing and Audit Defense Guide.

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